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        orange print=orange clamshell
ClamShell Alkaline Battery Holders for two-way radio
AA or AAA alkaline batteries not included please see here
3 piece minimum order on all clam shells allow 7 to 10 day delivery

Part# Radio Model capacity     ea         4+
KBP-4 Kenwood TK190/290/480/481 12AA 45.80     43.80         *
KBP-5 Kenwood TK2160/3160/2170/3170/73 6 AA 49.40     47.40         *
KBP-5 Kenwood TK2140/3140/NX220/320 6 AA 49.40     47.40         *
BPKNB25 Kenwood TK2140/3140/3360/3170/73 6 AA 39.40     37.40  
BPKNB25 Kenwood NX220/320/420 6 AA 39.40     37.40
BP263 Icom F3001/4001/3101/4101 6 AA 35.00     32.00         *
BP263 Icom F3110/4110 6 AA 35.00     32.00         *
BP291 Icom F52D/F62D 6 AA 50.00     48.00         *
BP240 Icom F14/24/3011/4011 F33/43 6 AAA 35.00     32.00         *
BP240 Icom F3031/4031/3061/4061/3161 6 AAA 35.00     32.00         *
BP240 Icom F3261/4261 6 AAA 35.00     32.00         *
BP226 Icom F50/60, M88 5 AA 50.00     48.00         *
BP237 Icom F70/80/9011 6 AA 39.00     37.00         *
BP1912CS Ma-Com 700P,710P,SPD2000 38.00     36.00  
BP8299CS Motorola XTS3000/3500/5000 12AA 52.00     50.00   
BP9858 Motorola XTS2500/1500/HT750 12AAA 59.00     57.00  
BP9858CS Motorola XTS2500/1500/HT750 12AAA 59.00     57.00  
BP109CS Relm-Bendix LPX/LPH/LPA/GPH 9AA 38.00     36.00  
BP109CS Relm-Bendix LPX/LPH/DPH/EPH 9AA 38.00     36.00  



   DC-1 "save the battery until you need it"

Single Rapid Vehicle Charger
•Rapid Charger, Tri-Chemistry
•Now with 2 USB charger ports
•Super tough poly carbon casing with steel base plate
•LED charging/charged indicator
•12V DC input with supplied cigarette lighter cable
•Supplied with steel mounting bracket and hardware
•Quick Snap™ restraint strap with thumb tab to keep radios secure
Includes battery cup
•Optional 10ft hard wire kit available
•Two year warranty

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